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My Very Own Happiness Project

As I was contemplating the next prompt in my autobiography writing class about happiness, I read Gretchen Rubin’s books called The Happiness Project and Happier at Home. She dedicated 12 months of her life to seeking happiness. She discovered that although she couldn’t always be happy, she could be HAPPIER. [...]

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We Are Enough

I just read a fabulous book called Daring Greatly by Brené Brown. Through a decade of research, Dr. Brown shows that being vulnerable is not a weakness, but our greatest strength in helping us find purpose and meaning in our lives. By saying that “I am enough,” instead of trying to [...]

Ode to My Fathers

As another Father’s Day passes, I can’t help but reflect on the two fathers in my life, and how they have influenced me. The Land of Hershey Bars My father holding me in Seoul in 1964. My father, David Soonho Kwon, is one of the main characters in [...]

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Letting Go

The inspiration to write comes from many sources, and right now it is that my son has just turned 18 and is graduating from high school. The momentous event of becoming an adult is both a cause for celebration, and a time for reflection of the passing of childhood. [...]

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A Mother’s Gift

In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to talk to you about an excerpt from my book, Echoes Across Time, that I offered to my subscribers this week. Told in my father’s voice, the chapter describes the harrowing experience he and my grandmother shared escaping through the mountains from North [...]

Passion For Writing

I am part of a writing group and we are writing this week about passion.  My writing group is an eclectic group of women (and an occasional brave man) who come together to write about universal life themes and share them with each other.  The themes include the [...]

A Fitting Poem for The Journey

The day I published my first blog (which was titled, And the Journey Begins…) my good friend and fellow "book clubber" Stacy sent me this poem.  Reaching out like that was such a thoughtful gesture, and the poem is so spot on. It articulates how my grandmother must have felt [...]

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