Letting You Go, Again

This is a short essay on the event of my son moving out of state. Let me know if this resonates with you. It is strange to be writing this meditation on your leaving home in your old bedroom, on your bed that I replaced with a different comforter when [...]

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Empty House

After I dropped my daughter off at college in New York last month, I should have come home to California where I belong. But instead I lingered in the city for a week to see some old college friends and have dinner with my daughter again. I flew north to [...]

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Letting Go, Part 2

I walk into my daughter’s room, the day after she leaves for her senior trip to Europe, and my eyes fill with tears. Clothes are strewn everywhere, tags have been cut off last-minute sock purchases, and empty boxes of toothpaste and sunscreen litter the floor. These are the physical remains [...]

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Mother Who Are You?

Happy New Year! I am reflecting on my writing goals for this year, and I want to share my new resolution with you:  exploring different kinds of writing! For this year’s Palos Verdes Library District Anthology 2017, Voices From the Peninsula, I wrote a poem called "Mother Who Are You." [...]

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What Thanksgiving and Writing Have in Common

I read several essays about Thanksgiving this year and one really resonated with me. NY Times book critic Parul Sehgal wrote that while she was making her mother-in-law’s stuffing recipe, she had an epiphany. “I’m not enjoying myself until I am, because I suddenly recognize this work – it’s the [...]

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How the Little t’s Add Up…

I was recently a guest lecturer in a graduate-level Trauma Theory & Treatment class at Loyola Marymount University. The class is part of the Marital & Family Therapy Program with Specialized Training in Clinical Art Therapy. I spoke about my family’s history and the sociopolitical context that compelled my family [...]

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

I am excited to share my article which was just published in the Palos Verdes Peninsula News about Asian Pacific American Heritage Month at the library. Covering the story, I had a chance to relax with some sumi-e painting myself, and to reflect on the contributions of our local Asian [...]

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