Adoption Awareness

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November is National Adoption Awareness Month. It is also National Novel Writing Month. As I revise my book, I am exploring the role of adoption in my own family. Identity is an important theme in my life and my book. It turns out the search for self has been a [...]

Back to School Blues

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Going back to school has always been a time of anticipation and hopefulness in my family. When my kids were both in high school, it seemed like there was a constant hum in the house around this time. There was school supply-shopping, buying new clothes and shoes that had been [...]

The Descendents

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In the movie The Descendents starring George Clooney, the offspring of an Hawaiian family fight over whether to sell their family’s ancestral land to developers or to keep it in the family. The story was really about Clooney coming to terms with an affair his wife had been having before [...]

Mother’s Day Memory

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"What do girls do who haven't any mothers to help them through their troubles?" — Louisa May Alcott A favorite Mother’s Day memory is this photograph of me, my grandmother, my mother, and my daughter taken on Mother’s Day in 2003 in front of the old Marmalade Café in Palos [...]


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I was kidnapped by a leper in Korea when I was three Me circa 1967 My maternal grandmother told me my kidnapping story long ago when we shared a bedroom together in my parents’ first home in America. She often talked about her life in Korea, but was [...]

Finding Balance

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While everyone has been making new year’s resolutions, I have been trying not to fall. Having a child go to college is like losing the leg of a favorite chair and balancing with the remaining three. My son’s departure this past September has changed the foundation of my family and [...]

Meeting a “Movie Star” in Maine

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For the last 25 years of my life since I met Mark, I’ve spent some part of almost every summer vacationing in Maine. Mark’s family has a summer cottage on one of the Belgrade Lakes, and the extended Easton clan gathers here to catch up, refresh, and enjoy summer traditions together. [...]

Ode to My Fathers

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As another Father’s Day passes, I can’t help but reflect on the two fathers in my life, and how they have influenced me. The Land of Hershey Bars My father holding me in Seoul in 1964. My father, David Soonho Kwon, is one of the main characters in [...]

Letting Go

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The inspiration to write comes from many sources, and right now it is that my son has just turned 18 and is graduating from high school. The momentous event of becoming an adult is both a cause for celebration, and a time for reflection of the passing of childhood. [...]

A Mother’s Gift

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In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to talk to you about an excerpt from my book, Echoes Across Time, that I offered to my subscribers this week. Told in my father’s voice, the chapter describes the harrowing experience he and my grandmother shared escaping through the mountains from North [...]