The Journey

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True-Life Fiction Writing

2018-10-09T07:52:59+00:00By |Uncategorized|

Happy New Year! For me, the start of a new year always brings forth a feeling of possibility. I am grateful to have the time to write a little each day. I made it my New Year’s Resolution to sit down and touch the keys of my laptop and write [...]

Digital Storytelling

2018-10-09T07:53:00+00:00By |Inspiration, The Process, Uncategorized|

Happy Holidays! I wanted to send you a short note during this busy time of year to say thank you for subscribing to my blog and being engaged readers! I am sharing an article that I got published earlier this month about digital storytelling at our library. Local residents used [...]

Adoption Awareness

2018-10-09T07:53:00+00:00By |Family, Inspiration, My Novel In Progress|

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. It is also National Novel Writing Month. As I revise my book, I am exploring the role of adoption in my own family. Identity is an important theme in my life and my book. It turns out the search for self has been a [...]

A Special Speech

2018-10-09T07:53:00+00:00By |Inspiration, The Process|

Inspiration comes from many places, and recently my muses were a bright group of middle and high school students at the Richstone Family Center in Hawthorne, California. “What does it take to be a good writer?” Diane asked. “How many years does it take to go to law school?” Mike [...]

Back to School Blues

2018-10-09T07:53:00+00:00By |Family|

Going back to school has always been a time of anticipation and hopefulness in my family. When my kids were both in high school, it seemed like there was a constant hum in the house around this time. There was school supply-shopping, buying new clothes and shoes that had been [...]

The Descendents

2018-10-09T07:53:00+00:00By |Family, Inspiration, Uncategorized|

In the movie The Descendents starring George Clooney, the offspring of an Hawaiian family fight over whether to sell their family’s ancestral land to developers or to keep it in the family. The story was really about Clooney coming to terms with an affair his wife had been having before [...]

Ups and Downs of Creative Living

2018-10-09T07:53:00+00:00By |Inspiration, The Process|

As you know, I am passionate about keeping family stories alive. Last month, I had an article published in the local newspaper about a community initiative called “My Story is the Peninsula’s Story.” The Palos Verdes Library District is sponsoring an historic program to scan and upload photos and texts [...]

Mother’s Day Memory

2018-10-09T07:53:00+00:00By |Family, Inspiration|

"What do girls do who haven't any mothers to help them through their troubles?" — Louisa May Alcott A favorite Mother’s Day memory is this photograph of me, my grandmother, my mother, and my daughter taken on Mother’s Day in 2003 in front of the old Marmalade Café in Palos [...]

Why Traveling Is Good For You

2018-10-09T07:53:00+00:00By |Inspiration|

On a recent spring break trip to Cancun, Mexico, I rediscovered the thrill of traveling and how seeing a different culture can bring so much wonder, as well as perspective to your own life. Traveling is unpredictable, and we make unexpected connections with people that makes traveling so much fun [...]

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